Q - Are you a contractual stockist of Naked & Famous Denim, Wax London, Stutterheim and Corridor?
A -
Yes, we are!  You can find our Corridor stockist page here under Connecticut and our Naked & Famous stockist page here.

Q - Are you guys online-only or is there a physical location store?
A - We are currently online-only, but working towards a local showroom in the near future!

Q - Are prices negotiable?                                           
A - All of our prices are non-negotiable

Q - I have a question about an item.  How can I contact you?
A - Please shoot us an email and someone will be happy to help you!

Q - Do you have sales?                                              
A -
Yes!  We typically have a handful of sales a year.  Follow our Instagram for those announcements or sign up for our newsletter.

Q - I have items for consignment.  What should I do?
A - Please shoot us an email with a description and photos of the clothing you'd to like to sell on consignment.  Someone will get back to you with further instructions if interested.

Q - Do you use PayPal?                                              
A - 
Yes, PayPal is currently available.

Q - Why is there only sales tax for Connecticut customers?                                     
A - 
Since we are a local, tax paying Connecticut business, we must collect sales tax by law.  All other states - at the time being - are tax-free

Q - I’m looking for an item you have for sale on a third party site but I can’t find it here, why is that?
A - Currently our items are stored in two locations and thus are sold separately.  If you see an item from a third party site that you’re interested in, just shoot us an email and we’ll be able to set you up with an invoice for that item with the luxury of paying a discount here.